gogreenIt’s your choice.

Energy deregulation gives you, the consumer, the ability to choose your energy supplier while remaining with your current utility company for delivery, service and billing. That choice is a simple and powerfully effective way for you to support the things that really matter to your family and community. And when you choose Viridian you can help the environment every time you use your affordable, responsible energy, plus be part of a profound local and global impact. Who knew one simple, easy choice could do so much?

No service interruption

When you make the move to Viridian from a standard “brown” energy supplier, the low-carbon energy we supply makes a substantial, positive difference every time you use energy in your home—an even bigger difference than recycling. But the way you use and pay for your energy will stay the same. If you choose one of our electricity or natural gas plans, your local utility will still provide the delivery of energy to your home as well as all necessary service, ensuring safety and reliability. You won’t notice any difference at all. If you choose to have solar power installed on your home, you can create a seamless, clean energy solution by also going with Viridian for your supplemental electricity needs. Utilities don’t make money on the electricity they supply, only on its service and delivery. They continue to service all of their customers the same, regardless of which company their customers have chosen to supply their energy.

Flexible product options and free enrollment

Viridian offers several rate plans for our electricity and natural gas customers, so you can select the plan that is right for you, whether you are looking for savings, price certainty or flexibility. We also give you ways to increase your commitment to sustainability through products that supply a higher percentage of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets. There are no fees to enroll for any of our plans and it takes just minutes to Get Started.

Choosing solar power with Viridian is easy and affordable as well: We offer free installation, locked-in low rates, worry-free maintenance and flexible plans that suit your goals.

Why wouldn’t you?

Deregulation gives you the power to shop around and find the energy product that’s the best fit for your needs. Given all the powerful benefits Viridian offers, the question we hear most from our customers is simply “Why wouldn’t you?”

Energy Efficiency Products


During enrollment, customers who purchase any Viridian rate plan will be offered the option to  buy go ECO-SMART, an Ecobee3 smart thermostat that enables customers to program and control temperature in different rooms in their homes. They can program the thermostat to know when they’ll be using specific rooms for maximum comfort. On average go ECO-SMART  can save customers up to 23% off their energy bills by reducing temps when they’re not home  or in certain rooms. Enroll Now

SaticPulse Light Bulbs


Satic’s Full Spectrum Quantum Photon lighting technology with superior ballast system creates an unprecedented eco-lighting system that has the following advantages:

  • Consumes less energy – Up to 85% more efficient than incandescent lamps and 35% more efficient than standard CFL’s!
  • Superior light for true natural color rendering with increased visual acuity and less eye fatigue!
  • Flicker and strobe free with total harmonic distortion of less than 3% creating a pure waveform and low EMF!
  • Sound Rated A silent buzz free operation
  • High reliability factors exceeding 99.9% provides much longer life greatly reducing replacement costs and landfill
  • Capable of starting at temperatures near freezing

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